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  • A Door is a hinged or otherwise movable barrier that allows ingress into and egress from an enclosure.
  • The created opening in the wall is a doorway or portal.
  • A door's essential and primary purpose is to provide security by controlling access to the doorway .
  • Conventionally, it is a panel that fits into the portal of a building, room, or vehicle.
  • Doors may incorporate locking mechanisms to ensure that only some people can open them.
  • Doors may have devices such as knockers or doorbells by which people outside announce their presence.
  • Doors may have aesthetic, symbolic, ritualistic purposes.
  • Receiving the key to a Door can signify a change in status from outsider to insider.
  • Doors and doorways frequently appear in literature and the arts with metaphorical or allegorical import as a portent of change.


an die Tür von jemandem klopfen
to knock at someone's door
frapper à la porte de qqn
the security door
die Tür
the door
die Tür
the door