Educational resources should be Open and Free

We've tried to build an educational website that's open and free.

It's open as everyone can join, independently of your location, social environment, social status or education. Everyone can learn, teach and contribute.

The community defines what the site will look like. We offer the framework, you create the content.

Everyone can help to expand this site by creating and adding new apps. Creating new apps is really easy as they're simply small websites without any proprietary technology. Apps created for this website can also be reused on other websites.

It's free as you don't have to pay to use the website and all of its core features. You don't have to pay, your school doesn't have to pay, your government doesn't have to pay. Those you pay do it because they want to do so, by making donations.

Open gateways to your data

Most social networking sites are like black holes: you enter your information and upload your media and you'll never be able to get them out afterwards.

We strongly believe in sharing information (if, and only if the user wishes to allow this) and we'll try to make it really easy to get your data out if you like.

We'll offer gateways that will allow you to extract all kinds of information. These gateways are not ready yet, but we're working on it and they'll become ready in the near future. That's a promise!