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Learning Management System (LMS)

With the virtual class, teachers and students can easily create worksheets and online exercises, manage goals, tasks and work / weekly schedules, track progress and evaluate work.
Students and teachers can create and print individualized worksheets including corrections.
Students and teachers can create and save individualized online exercises.
Pupils and teachers can set individual goals and tasks and document and track progress online.
Teachers can create individualized work and weekly plans which can be printed. Tasks and progress can be documented and followed up online by pupils and teachers .
Teachers can create individualized assessment sheets (or "grades"), which can also be completed and printed online.
Pupils can have their own online portfolios, which they can update themselves at any time.
All content is stored in the cloud and is therefore always and everywhere available for all members of the virtual class.
The corresponding web apps are in the second row in your virtual class:
  • With Worksheets & Exercises you can generate individualized worksheets (including corrections) for your students. You can also set up online tasks that students can then do on the computer.
  • With the Goals and Tasks web app you can set goals and tasks for individual students, for groups or for the whole class. Students and teachers can document and track progress online so that everyone always has an overview of all open tasks.
  • With the work plans or weekly plans you can easily create individualized online plans for your students. The plans can be printed as a PDF document, in parallel to which teachers and students can record the progress online, which greatly simplifies the administration of the tasks.
  • With the Evaluation & Portfolio web app you as a teacher can design assessment sheets for your class, which can also be tailored to the needs of individual students. Progress can be documented online and the sheets can be printed at any time. In addition, teachers and students can manage their own online portfolios here.